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Gems Stone

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Natural Blue Sapphire Ratti- 9.73 (8.78Ct)  Lab Tested Blue Sapphire Nilmani Nilam Siloni Natur..
Rs.10,900.00 Ex Tax: Rs.10,900.00
Lab Tested Natural Yellow Sapphire Ratti-9.73 (8.791ct) Untreated & Unheated Ceylon Pukharaj Puk..
Rs.9,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs.9,100.00
Lab Tested Yellow Sapphire Untreated & Unheated Pukharaj With Lab Testing Report (Certifie..
Rs.13,600.00 Ex Tax: Rs.13,600.00
Earth Mine Good Quality Best Astrology Gem For Saturn Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Nilam) Origi..
Rs.14,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.14,500.00
Certified Dark Red Color Natural Ruby Ratti:10.66 (9.66t) Manek Manik Manikya Good Quality Natural ..
Rs.5,950.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,950.00
Untreated-Unheated Natural Ruby Ratti:10.90(9.85ct) BEST Manek Manik Manikya Lab Tested Natural Mane..
Rs.4,150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,150.00
Ratti:10.90(9.89Ct)  Quartz Cats Eye New
Lab Tested Natural Quartz Cats Eye Ratti:10.90(9.89Ct) Cat's Eye Gems Lahsuniya Good Quality Lehsun..
Rs.1,099.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,099.00
Natural Hessonite Garnet Ratti:100(91ct) Gomed Gomedh Gemstone 10 pcs Seller Pack Good Quality ..
Rs.2,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,350.00
Lab Tested Natural Hessonite Garnet Ratti:11.71 (10.63 ct)  Gomed Gomedh Gomed GEMS Good ..
Rs.1,180.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,180.00
Lab Tested Natural Ruby Ratti:12.43(11.25ct) Manek Manik Manikya Treatment Free Good Quality Natura..
Rs.4,699.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,699.00
Natural Quartz Cat's Eye Ratti:8.83(7.95Ct) Cats Eye Ketu Gemstone Lahsuniya Good Quality Lehsuniya..
Rs.1,450.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450.00
Natural Orissa Cat's Eyes Ratti:2.48(2.25t) Natural Odisha chrysoberyl Cats Eye Very Rare ODIS..
Rs.2,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,350.00
Cats Eye are often well cut and polished only from the top side and due to very soft stone back side..
Rs.5,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,500.00
Cats Eye are often well cut and polished only from the top side and due to very soft stone back side..
Rs.6,400.00 Ex Tax: Rs.6,400.00
Natural African Ruby Ratti:3.43(3.10ct) Untreated - Unheated Manek Manik Manikya Natural Manek..
Rs.820.00 Ex Tax: Rs.820.00